Un nuevo paraíso en el Delta del Tordera

Between Malgrat and Blanes we find a natural paradise that is very important. This unusual place is the Tordera delta: a place that has surprised many in recent months. Due to the general unemployment of the population during the confinement, different species have been observed around unusual places, as has happened in our delta.

With this, we can assure you that the Delta de La Tordera has become an unexpected natural paradise. The origin of this change comes from the effects of the storm Gloria last January. This meteorological phenomenon has caused a large amount of sediment to be deposited at the mouth of the delta and is one of the foods of different birds. You can observe species as: flamingos, shearwaters, cormorants, hammerheads …

To protect and prevent people from accessing this area, an operation has been carried out to close this place and prohibit anyone from bathing. In this way, the most curious cannot access or intervene with the birds, because if this happened, it would cause great consequences that could become irreversible for this natural space. Also, this area is classified as a special conservation area and is part of the European area of ​​the Natura 2000 Network.

For all those interested who want to enjoy nature in Malgrat de Mar, a new viewpoint has been installed along with an information panel to know the type of birds that can be observed and to be able to see their behaviour without disturbing them.

Whether this type of fauna will continue to exist in the future is anyone’s guess, it depends on many factors that must be taken into account. But, above all, it remains with the various organizations that have to take good management to maintain the conservation of this site. Although there is no doubt that taking care of natural spaces like this is everyone’s job.