This Christmas buy in Malgrat de Mar!

Local commerce makes people!


Now that Christmas is coming, we want to talk to you about the commercial fabric of Malgrat de Mar. These holidays more than ever, bet on local commerce, bet on Malgrat de Mar’s commerce.

After a few very complicated months for our merchants due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, now it’s time to enjoy the services and products they offer and also, it’s time to enjoy the bars, restaurants, and coffee shops of our town again.

More than a hundred establishments raise the blind every day with a single objective: to offer the best of services and a safe experience.

Mercat Setmanat Malgrat

Many businesses and small shops have faced the pandemic by adapting and personalizing their services to meet the needs of the neighborhood, and especially the most vulnerable. Among other measures, many have made online shopping and home delivery easier. This fact has valued the social contribution of commerce in collaboration and proximity service issues.

There are many reasons to buy in local stores, but to name a few we will say that:

1- The merchants are our neighbors.

2- The shops bring life to our town, they make it beat.

3- Local businesses offer you a personalized treatment, make suggestions, and give you facilities.

4- The shops collaborate with the sports activities and associations of our town.

5- Go shopping on foot, makes you pollute less, therefore, it is more sustainable.

6- The local shops offer products of proximity and local production.


As you have seen, there are many reasons, and it is that local commerce enriches our town, that is why this year more than ever, we must bet on the commerce of our town since its heartbeat enriches us.


In Malgrat de Mar you will find everything, greengrocers, butchers, drugstores, coffee shop, fishmongers, perfumeries, shoe stores, jewelry stores, hardware stores, clothing stores, accessories stores, intimate clothing stores, toy stores, hairdressers, beauty centers, bars, restaurants …

Prepare the carrycot and go ahead and discover the shops of our town, only then, you can experience the authentic essence of Malgrat de Mar, and it is that our town is made up of all those people who live, the baker, the fishmonger, the hairdresser, the patissier…

We are waiting for you at the Malgrat de Mar store!