The nights in Malgrat de Mar

The nights at the seaside, they have something magical and festive, and summer dates invite us to enjoy them until well into the morning. The towns and cities close to the Mediterranean Sea offer a varied differents options of nightlife with Music Festivals, Concerts, Bars, Xiringuitos, Hotels, Festa Major… and a whole series of events that make the night joins with the Festive wishes of the population and of all the visitors received, especially during the summer months. Nightlife in Malgrat de Mar is active and awake, with locals of different styles to summon all kinds of audiences who want to enjoy a nightlife by the sea.

If you like to have drinks and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere by the sea, in Malgrat you can delight yourself with the different beach bars that are open to the beach and open until dawn. Delicious menus, drinks for all tastes and, in many cases, live music, make the nightlife experience at the Malgrat de Mar bars, become an unforgettable evening with the sea breeze, and with the moon and stars backdrop

In addition, on the Malgrat sea promenade, you will find bars and dance halls, where you can demonstrate your dance skills until 3:00 a.m.! And for the most daring, the discotheques of Malgrat, musical and social experiences to hold the body until 6 am in the morning! And together with these locals, we have the hotels of Malgrat that they present a daily agenda of shows and dance suitable for all audiences and tastes! Find your local nightlife and enjoy! Or you went every day to discover your own talents!

Within the nightlife of Malgrat de Mar, we also find diverse events organized from the village that are turning the nights in Malgrat. Some of the most celebrated are Shopping Night and Chill Outlet Malgrat, two very participatory fashion parties. Although starting in the afternoon, both parties extend overnight contributing to the festive nighttime atmosphere of Malgrat de Mar. And it goes without saying that Malgrat City Council is in charge of setting the Malgrat night with music concerts during the Festa Major and on the various festive occasions of the calendar.

Well, you know, do not think it anymore and come and enjoy the night of Malgrat de Mar, an authentic fusion of good atmosphere, music, shows, drinks and the Mediterranean Sea of ​​witness! Do not miss out on visiting Malgrat and enjoy yourself with all the nightlife offer!