Francesc Macià Park

Giant sculptures for the little ones


Francesc Macià Park, one of the most original and extensive parks in Catalonia, has more than 40,000 square meters. It offers a great combination of different spaces that provide a wide range of leisure possibilities for a family day.

Due to its size and extensive green areas children will have enough space to play and run for a whole day. There are big sandpits scattered throughout the park where the little ones will have a great time with a bucket, spade and rake, and also obstacle courses, swings made with wheels, walkways, slides, ropes, bridges…

Francesc Macià Park is very versatile and features two long zip lines and other innovative elements such as musical plates spread out the area that sound every time someone jumps on them. Thus, children will not only have fun but also interact with didactic games while they learn music, and play with manipulation, balance, etc.

However, perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the park is a huge area with giant figures such as erasers, pencils, cakes, shoes, mushrooms and flowers. The boys and girls have a great time climbing all the structures. Besides, it is the best area to take original pictures with them!

The green areas with benches, trees and shadows, have also picnic zones to have lunch, stay in the park and continue playing in the afternoon. For older children and adults there is a skate park and an amphitheatre for cultural shows that are usually performed by members of municipal associations or organisations.

In a privileged location between the sea and the mountains, you can spend the day in both places. It takes a few minutes to get to the park walking from the forest of Santa Rita, but you can also walk there from the promenade, the hotel area and beaches of the town.

Are you up for a day in Francesc Macià Park?

Come to enjoy Francesc Macià and remember... scluptures are not edible!