The Festivity of Sant Nicolau in Malgrat de Mar

On December 6 Malgrat de Mar celebrates one of the most endearing celebrations of the population. In honor of Sant Nicolau (Saint Nicholas), many activities are organized that will make you happy this first cold days of December.

This festival goes many years back, and like so many others, it has its origin in religion. In Vilanova de Palafolls (old name of Malgrat de Mar), the new church (the current Parish of Sant Nicolau) was built in 1561, and it was necessary to give it a good pattern that would make a good representation of the idiosyncrasy of the town. The proximity to the sea and the seafaring importance that then enjoyed Malgrat made the choice of Sant Nicolau, the patron saint of sailors, who would be accompanied by Sant Antoni Abad, animal landlord and people’s attorney. Thus, despite being protected from the possible dangers that could come from land or sea.

This devotion to Sant Nicolau made the town organize from the beginning, different religious acts in honor of the saint’s feast. These religious acts were accompanied by other acts of a social nature such as markets or dances, and have evolved until the Feast of Sant Nicolau we know today. The long journey of this winter holiday has seen many activities happen, for example, in 1901, we know that in the morning and in the afternoon sardana dances were organized with the most outstanding associations of the time, the Casino and La Barretina Vermella, we also know that there were ballroom dancing in the Sala Dorada of La Lleialtat society, and that the Great Feast breakfast was a well-fattened lamb, bought at the Fira de Sant Miquel d’Hostalric.

Parròquia Sant Nicolau
Festa Major Sant Nicolau

Nowadays, the Sant Nicolau‘s Festa Major is complemented by many different acts for children and adults, which are added to the religious office by Sant Nicolau that still survives. One of the most anticipated events is the traditional Market of Sant Nicolau with craft and local products, which is located in the streets of the Old Town of Malgrat. But there are many other activities where people participate with enthusiasm during this holiday: we have various concerts, els diables offer us the Versots, the Tabalada, the Infantile Correfoc and the parade with the Bestiary, the Meeting of Giants, the Casteller Day with the Maduixots de l’Alt Maresme, different spectacles for the children, the Dance of Festa Major … There are many opportunities offered by Malgrat during its Sant Nicolau Festival!

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know first hand Sant Nicolau‘s historic festival. Come and enjoy all the activities that Malgrat has prepared for you!

Correfoc Malgrat
Mercat Sant Nicolau