Summer Festivals in Malgrat de Mar

There is no better time for a town that during its Festa Major, everything is party, fun and accompaniment of neighbors and friends. With the arrival of August, Malgrat de Mar celebrates its summer festival, the Saint Roc Festivities, full of activities, initiatives, concerts and various events that fill the population with parties and joy.

The origin of the Saint Roc Festivities is found in the seventeenth century when the bubonic plague was raging among the population that did not find resources to cure such a serious and contagious disease. So, since nothing worked, they entrusted to Saint Roc, and to win their favor, the town restored its festivities in honor of Saint Roc. From this religious and historical origin, the Saint Roc festivities only conserve a historical recreation in the Old Town called La Festa dels Empestats (The Plague Festivity), organized by various entities of the town and the City Council of Malgrat de Mar. It consists of a guided and dramatized night visit over the years of the bubonic plague and commission to Saint Roc.

This year, the Saint Roc Festivities begins on August 9th with the Tabalada, the parade and the drumsticks in charge of the Colla de Diablesratpenatsinfernals, who will also be in charge of doing the announcement, together with the Associació Sardanista Malgratenca La Barretina and the Colla de Geganters of Malgrat de Mar.

The Saint Roc Festivities will continue next day with the Gegants Parade and the Children’s Drawing and Painting Contest. On August 11, the Malgratencs will host a charming old Motorcycle Encounter, and at night, one of the most awaited summer events in Malgrat de Mar: La Cantada d’Havaneres and rom burned by the Haváname, Les Anxovetes and Els Cremats, at the Platja del Centre (City Center Beach).

Do you like music concerts?! During the Sant Roc Festivities in Malgrat de Mar, there’re organized musical nights with different styles and registers. On the 13th, the style will be jazzy with the Men in Swing Jazz Band; on the 14th, it’s the turn of Country Folk with The country revival farmers; On the 16th, it will be the day of the Selvatana Orchestra, and in Barraques, Gertrudis, Zoo and Senyor Peix; on the 18th, to round off the musical nights, we will have, on one hand, the concert of the Atzavara Choir of Malgrat de Mar and, on the other hand, the Gumbo Jass Band at dusk, where you will be able to demonstrate your abilities with swing style dance. All this without mentioning the musical activities for children, which also have their importance in the Sant Roc Festivities.

Do you think it’s a good Festa Major program? There are still a lot of activities and events that the population of Malgrat de Mar organizes for the festivity of Sant Roc. We will have the Second pedalada (cycling) for children on the 18th, the Fireworks on the 16th, the Maduixots day (the Castellers of the High Maresme), the fresh outdoor Cinema in Can Campassol, on the 15th … and many more activities! Oh, and the icing on the cake, this year, an Instagram Competition is organized in Malgrat de Mar: you just have to take a photograph of the Sant Roc Festivities with #strocmalgrat19 and you could win an iPad!

Come to Malgrat during the Sant Roc Festival and you will see an active and exciting town that will make you feel alive!