Mongeta del Ganxet

The quality of products with Protected Designation of Origin

A Product with PROTECTED Designation of Origin (PDO): GANXET beans

Ganxet bean is a variety of bean with unique organoleptic characteristics. It is included in the list of products with protected designation of origin and it grows in the fiels of Malgrat de Mar, and other towns in the region. Due to their smooth taste, creamy texture, and the fact that their skin is bearly noticeable when cooked, mongetes del ganxet are the key gastronomic product of Maresme, and also of Malgrat.

This variety of beans can be distinguished by their appearence: experts say every specimen should be white and kidney-shaped, that is to say, hooked and flat. Once cooked, the skin becomes smoother which makes them softer and more pleasent to the palate. The fields of Malgrat de Mar have optimum conditions for their growth, because of the Mediterranean weather, which allows the maturation during September and October. In addition, the soil is a mixture of sandy and clay loam, ideal for growing this kind of beans.

In Malgrat de Mar, Ganxet beans are distributed by Progrés-Garbí Agricultural Cooperative, and among the activities held around the product one stands out: Jornades Gastronòmiques del Fesol de Ganxet al Maresme (‘Fesol del Ganxet Gastronomy Days’).

mongeta del ganxet

This gastronomic festival is held during November and December, when the product gets to the top of its quality and several restaurants participate. The great variety of dishes and the possibilites of this bean make it a usual product in restaurant kitchens or at home. Here you have some of recipes from recent years: scrambled eggs with foie and Ganxet beans, beans cassoulette with tripe, beans with pig’s trotters, cod with clams and beans au gratin with honey allioli, among many other delicious dishes.

If you are coming to Malgrat de Mar at that time of the year, please come and enjoy the Fesol del Ganxet Gastronomy Days.