Markets and crafts fairs in Malgrat de Mar

Exchanging products is something humanity has been doing since time immemorial. The markets were the material formalization of this exchange, and nowadays, we enjoy many different ones. The Markets of Malgrat de Mar are the staging of this evolution in the exchange systems, from the spatial point of view as well as from the variety they offer: in Malgrat de Mar we find fixed markets such as the Municipal Market or the Weekly Market, and also eventual, such as the Tapas Market or the “fet a maLGRAT” Handicraft Fair.

Buying at the Malgrat de Mar Municipal Market is the opportunity to acquire fresh products of quality and proximity to the area of ​​the Costa de Barcelona. In its beginnings, this Market was carried out in the street, it did not have a specific space destined for this purpose, but from the beginning of the 20th century it found a space in the center, the “Peixateries Velles” (Old Fishmongers). Since 1991, the Malgrat de Mar Municipal Market is located in the heart of the old town, just next to the Town Hall, with access and parking facilities. Therefore, we can say that the Municipal Market dynamises the commercial and urban center of Malgrat, offering a commercial surface with ten stops between which we count those of fish and shellfish, those of fruit and vegetables, those of legumes, and those of meats and sausages The Municipal Market of Malgrat de Mar is open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a week, and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Choose your best schedule and make your purchases of local produce, proximity and quality!

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With regard to the Weekly Market, that itinerant market presents to so many populations, it visits the Malgrat de Mar every Thursday, and it is open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This Market shows a very interesting offer with a wide variety of products at very affordable prices. In fact, we can talk about two Markets within this same Weekly Market: on the one hand, the Market for Fruit and Vegetables and other food products, which are located in front of Plaça Catalunya; and on the other, the Market for clothes and accessories, which we can find between the streets Joan Maragall and Roger de Flor, near the Plaça de la Germana Campos.

In Malgrat de Mar, in addition to Fixed Markets, you can enjoy other events related to the Markets or with Craft Fairs throughout the year. First of all, we have the Tapas Market, a highly anticipated event that is organized twice a year. The environment is the same as that of the Municipal Market, but with the difference that on these occasions, the Market is filled with Live Music and merchants present their gastronomic offer in the form of delicious Tapas, hence the name Tapas Market. Generally, they are celebrated on the last Saturday of April and on the fourth Saturday of September, you can not miss it!

Secondly, we would like to highlight the Crafts Fair “fet a maLGRAT” (hand made Malgrat), a very special event that hosts all those crafts lovers. Especially manual works such as the Patchwork or the Bobbin lace, the latter with a more traditional side, and the most modern one. The great Catalan tradition of Bobbin lace has ​​given way to different associations of Puntaires that, after years of golden age in the nineteenth century, are struggling nowadays to make known and keep alive the tradition showing their dedication in different Craft Fairs from all over the territory, that of Malgrat de Mar among them. The beauty of the results in the work of Bobbin lace, makes them keep the interest of many people in the field of manual work. On the other hand, the Patchwork, the art of uniting tissue clippings in a creative way, has generated great expectations in recent years, as it is a type of manual work that does not require great skills and gives surprising results and with a great charm. This Fair of Crafts of Malgrat de Mar has the collaboration of the Association of Puntaires and Merceria, and presents twenty specialized stands in these techniques, among others. Likewise, you will also find the possibility to carry out different workshops of these manual works. You can already write down on the agenda on September 29, the “fet a maLGRAT” Fair awaits you at the same street, in the center of Malgrat de Mar.

In Malgrat de Mar you have many more appointments with Fairs and Markets, we have just called some of the most important ones. Visit us and discover everything we can offer you!