Malgrat Vila Florida: The spring outbreak in Malgrat de Mar

Are we sufficiently aware of the importance of the nature factor in our urban environment? From Malgrat de Mar, we have started a series of measures to link flowers, plants, trees and the environment, with the natural essence that every human being has inside. These natural elements are basic for survival, and so we must express it, but they are also elements of great beauty that can illuminate our sensibility in moments of as much charm as Spring.

In Malgrat de Mar we have understood the necessary peaceful, cordial and collaborative coexistence with the environment, and that is why we have taken steps raise awareness about the importance of making sustainable policies that improve the economy of the population through the enhancement of parks, gardens and green spaces.

Since 2016 Malgrat de Mar is one of the Catalan villages that are part of the Viles Florides distinction granted by the Confederation of Ornamental Horticulture of Catalonia (CHOC) to those Catalan populations that dedicate efforts to value their green spaces and that take care especially the environment. Malgrat Vila Florida has been a reality for three years, and it is certified with the entrance and exit signs of the village where this distinction is found. From Malgrat de Mar we have specially joined to this initiative so that we can promote everything related to the environment and the green spaces of Malgrat.

To obtain the degree Malgrat Vila Florida, the CHOC jury, in collaboration with the Catalan Tourist Agency, took into account different elements: the functionality of green spaces, landscape integration, species selection, the relationship between green space and number of inhabitants, state of maintenance, water management, pest control programs, waste management, the uniqueness of the green space, the aesthetics… and some others.

The green message sent from the municipal institutions of Malgrat, does not pretend to be a one-way element, but to involve the whole population in participating in the movement of putting our natural environment in value. For this reason, the name Malgrat Vila Florida also carries different awards aimed at any person, entity, group or company of the town that promotes floral art, under the distinction Espais Públics Florits (Bloom Public Spaces). And in Malgrat de Mar we have found this active participation of the population with the program of activities Garric, carried out during the month of April, which has as protagonists the green spaces and the flowers, and that, from the appointment of Malgrat Vila Florida, it has been a success every year. Among the activities carried out during the Garric of Malgrat, we can find the Balconies and Flower Shop Contest (promoted from the Association of Merchants of Malgrat), walks through urban green spaces, tree planting, and the star activity, l’Eixida, which consists in the opening to the public of gardens and courtyards of private houses.

Malgrat de Mar has been transformed from its distinction as Vila Florida, directing its gaze towards the environment and green spaces, and has organized a whole series of activities so that the landscape of nature penetrates with all its splendor in every corner of the town. Thus, Malgrat de Mar has recognized itself as a natural heritage of Mediterranean climate and has put in value all the natural environment that accompanies it.

Malgrat Vila Florida
Malgrat Vila Florida
Malgrat Vila Florida