Malgrat de Mar for nature lovers

Malgrat de Mar is a city closely linked to its natural spaces, and is fortunate to have nature everywhere, both at sea and in the mountains. If you are a nature lover, Malgrat de Mar will surprise you with all its landscape and vegetation proposals.

If we start facing the sea, Malgrat de Mar has two beaches that are two treasures for those who like to contemplate the beauty of the sea in an environment of living nature. We have La Conca Beach and La Punta de la Tordera Beach. The first, La Conca Beach, is a very special natural space, with native vegetation of the family of psamophiles that is framed within the protected space of the Dunes. It is an almost virgin beach, with little influx of people and few services, beyond its great contribution of scenic beauty to the population of Malgrat de Mar. An ideal place for contemplation and communion with nature. The second, La Punta de La Tordera Beach, is located right at the mouth of the Tordera River, an area where animal and plant life flourishes parts. Nature lovers highlight the great variety of birds that can be seen and that are typical of wetland areas. At the end of the beach there is a place where nudism is practiced.

Platja de la Punta de la Tordera
Parc Fr

From the beach, we will now go to the center of Malgrat de Mar where we can find different Parks that live in perfect harmony with nature. We have the Parc del Castell, which enjoys an incomparable panoramic view of the city, as it is elevated on a hill. For its part, the Parc de Francesc Macià, is a dream park for the children of Malgrat de Mar and the adjoining villages, given its great possibilities: giant sculptures of childlike type that give it a magical air, an area of ​​sensory games , a space for skateboards, for ball games, slides, swings, zip lines, and a picnic area. We must also mention the central Parc de Can Campassol, a green space that is the scene of a great cultural activity of the town and that also has a playground for children, and psychomotor skills for the elderly (in this park there is also the Casal de Retired people).

And if we are pulling towards the mountain, nature lovers will find, before climbing up, the Plains of the Pla de Grau, an extensive protected agricultural space where all kinds of products from the garden are cultivated, especially crochet and escarole beans, Which are the star products.
Climbing up, now, mountain lovers can enjoy hiking trails in Malgrat de Mar that can take them to Santa Rita, to Turó d’en Serra or to Can Palomeres Mines. To be able to choose the route that best suits your conditions, you can follow this link where you will discover all the necessary information: NATURAL ROUTES

Ruta Santa Rita
Dunes Platja de la Conca