Gastronomic Journeys in Malgrat de Mar

Being part of the area where the Mediterranean Diet is its own and natural, is a privilege that from Malgrat Turisme, you can not miss! Therefore, Malgrat de Mar organize different Gastronomic Journeys to promote nearby and seasonal products, framed within the admired Mediterranean Diet, typical of the towns of the Coast of Barcelona.

With the intense collaboration of the restaurants of Malgrat, and under the organization of the Consorci de Promoció Turística Costa de Barcelona-Maresme, we put on the calendar the seasons of each product, in order to enhance it in its optimal moment of consumption. In the restaurants, they dedicate the days of the Gastronomic Journeys in making special menus based on the product in question, and they also participate in activities, fairs or markets.

Thus, if you come to Malgrat in the months of March and April, you can enjoy the Gastronomic Journeys of the Pea Cooking, a highly esteemed legume consumed throughout the Maresme region. Picking the pea witness, in April the Strawberry Gastronomic Journeys begin, a tasty fruit, appreciated and also cultivated in the fields of Maresme.

These events full of flavors that are the Gastronomic Joruneys of Malgrat de Mar, continue in summer, during the months of June and July, with the Gastronomic Journeys of Fish and Seafood, when diners who come to Malgrat de Mar, enjoy the best Fresh fish from the Mediterranean, fish in the ports of Blanes and Arenys. And from the fish, we return to the garden, from which we now take the tomatoes to honor them in the Tomato Gastronomic Journeys, which are held in Malgrat during the months of July and August.

Jornades Gastronòmiques de la Cuina del Pèsol
Jornades Gastronòmiques de la Maduixa

In October we return to the Mediterranean Sea to catch squid, an ideal time for fishing and consumption. The Gastronomic Journeys of Calamarenys already tell us in their name (calamar is squid in catalan), that they are the result of the relationship with the port of Arenys de Mar, which supplies fresh squid throughout the month of October.

In the middle of autumn, we could not miss the opportunity to dedicate some Gastronomic Journeys in an own product like mushroom, present in our forests. The Gastronomic Journeys of the Bolet (mushroom) of Malgrat de Mar, are held from October to December. They are a good time to meet them and taste them if you had not tried them, or to fascinate your palate, with the exquisite elaborations that the restaurants of Malgrat de Mar propose.

Finally, in the months of November and December, Malgrat de Mar celebrates the Gastronomic Journeys of the Fesol del Ganxet (special catalan bean), a product of the Malgrat orchard that the Pla de Grau cultivate with passion. It is a good opportunity to try all the possibilities that this legume has that is one of the local products of the garden more admired.

Taste the Malgrat Gastronomic Journeys and you will have fun all year round with the gastronomic proposals of the products of each season. More than feeding, the Gastronomic Journeys of Malgrat, are the pleasure of eating elaborations made with local products of the Mediterranean Diet.