Francesc Macià Park: the park of the giant figures

Now is the best time to connect with nature and to enjoy the outdoor spaces with your family. This is the reason why today we want to talk about the fantastic Francesc Macià Park.

A park where young and old will have a great time!

With an area of ​​more than 40,000 m2, the park is full of paths and vegetation that will take you to discover the different areas of the park.

The park has several entrances, but if you are accompanied by small children, we recommend you to enter through the door in the shape of a huge castle, without a doubt, a door that will take you to a magical and fascinating world to discover, because Francesc Macià Park is not an ordinary park, it is a very special space since inside you will find huge sculptures, giant rubbers, giant shoes, giant cakes, giant mushrooms, giant flowers…An ideal place where the little ones can let their imagination run wild and where in addition to being in contact with nature, they will be safe, because the park is enclosed to guarantee the tranquillity of all its visitors.

In the park, you will also find areas dedicated specially to sports: such as a skatepark, basketball, football… as well as sensory play areas and areas for a picnic.

You should know that currently and due to the application of the measures to avoid the contagion of Covid-19, the sports and picnic areas of the park have been closed to the public, when the measures are relaxed, they will be reopened.


Francesc Macià Park is widely accessible and all its facilities, such as toilets, drinking fountains, and benches, have been developed to make it easier for everyone to enjoy and use.

The park is strewn with low green hills surrounded by paths that will encourage you to go around a natural environment free of physical barriers.

Don’t think twice, and come with your family to enjoy an unforgettable day at Park Francesc Macià! The park hours until the end of March, are from 8 in the morning and until 8 in the afternoon.

We wait for you all!

Parc Francesc Masia