Be captivated by the new bird lookout!

In Malgrat we have a lot of consideration for the natural spaces of our environment, one of the protected areas is the Tordera Delta. This space stands out for being a wintering area for many migratory birds.

In the Tordera Delta we have installed a bird lookout, so you can see the different species of birds that have been nesting in this area during these months. But this is not the only utility, another advantage of this viewpoint is that it acts as a barrier to maintain the ban on access to the lagoon.

Although it has already been inaugurated, we expect to make a series of modifications. One of them is to put up panels with information about the different species of birds that can be observed from the viewpoint so you can identify them. This information has been prepared by a group of volunteers from the Association of Naturalists of Montnegre and Tordera Nat Mont. The same ones that are in charge of monitoring the birds that are in this area. Since we know that many people access this area by bike, we will also install a parking to leave this type of vehicle.

This has also allowed the road to be reopened to access the Delta, which has been closed since April 30, along with signs post for this road. On the other hand, it has been decided to close the access to the wooden watchtower, it has been considered an unsafe place according to the city council of Malgrat de Mar.

If you want to learn and observe the ecosystem and biodiversity found in the Tordera Delta, the bird viewpoint is the best place to do it.

Come to Malgrat de Mar and discover this unknown place that will leave you speechless.

Deixa’t captivar pel nou mirador d’aus!
mirador d’aus delta del tordera