Old Hospital and Chapel

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A story of solidarity


On December 29 1441, Hug Descolomer laid down on his will the foundation of a hospital in Vilanova de Palafolls (former name for Malgrat de Mar) as a refuge for the poor of Jesus Christ and sick of the region and provided that the institution had to be governed by the staff at the parish church of Sant Genís Palafolls. In 1892, nuns from SantJosep de Girona started serving in the hospital (designed by the architects Joan and Dionís Torres) upon regent of Sant Genís request. In 1970 the nuns, due to the bad condition of the building, decided to move to the medical centre Natzaret and in 1979 Valentí Agustí, a psychiatric doctor, founded the Therapeutic Community of Malgrat in the old hospital building.

Next to the Old Hospital, you will find a chapel that is to note because it displays the figure of the Blessed Sacrament, instead of it being in the church of Sant Nicolau which would be its natural place. The change of location happened in July 1873, when the Bishop Constantí of Girona, ordered to move the figure to the chapel because the main church in town was occupied by liberal troops. While that civil war (Third Carlist War) lasted, the sacred functions were carried out in the chapel. In 1890, the Chapel was granted the continued reservation of the Blessed Sacrament.


The hospital, with a ground floor and a first floor, has a simple facade with balconies. The chapel has a jack-arched portal,a circular opening and a smallbell-cote at the top. On the high altar, there was a baroque altarpiece dedicated to the saintsCosmas and Damian, restored in the early twentieth century. In the Arcs passage, between the Old Hospital and the neighbouring house, you can see three arches that might have belonged to ancient premises of the hospital.