Habaneras and cremat

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The event of the summer

The habanera is a musical genre that has its origin in the 19th century when the indianos, sailors and emigrants that returned from Cuba, sang nostalgic memories of that country, usually in taverns or pubs. At first, these songs were sung a cappella but nowadays they are usually accompanied by guitars and accordions.

Cremat is the drink that usually accompanies an habaneras concert. This custom comes from Costa Brava, from the area of Palafrugell. The cremat is made with black rum, coffee, sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon. You have to put all the ingredients in an earthenware casserole and then burn the rum, so part of its alcohol disappears. Once the fire goes out, it is served hot.

In Malgrat de Mar every first Sunday of August, during Sant Roc’s Festival, there is a traditional concert of habaneras and cremat on Malgrat Centre beach. In our town, there are two groups that sing habaneras: Grup d’Havaneres La Barretina, born in 1978, and Grup Bergantí, born in 1982.