Francesc Macià Park

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The park of the giant sculptures

Francesc Macià Park is an enclosed area that reassures parents or adults with children that the kids are safe. The park offers different facilities and types of equipment such as a skatepark, sensory games, arbours, kids’ games and giant toy figures that create a magical and singular atmosphere. The park welcomes around 10,000 children every year, who come on school trips or as part of summer leisure programmes, and almost 100,000 people more who come independently.

Opening hours:
  • June to September from 8 am to 10:30 pm
  • October to May from 8 am to 8 pm

If you are coming to the Park and you are a regular or summer school, you communicate us your visit by sending an email at


Francesc Macià Park is open to everyone so its services will surely adapt to your needs. You will find drinking fountains and adapted toilets built into the vegetation equipped with changing tables. Some of the most significant facilities of the park are the following:



Francesc Macià is widely accessible and all its facilities, such as toilets, drinking fountains and benches, have been developed to make it easier for everyone to enjoy and use.

The park is strewn with low green hills surrounded by paths that will encourage you to go around a natural environment free of physical barriers.


Francesc Macià Park is located on a flat area of more than 40,000 m² that stretches along the stream of Palafolls, on old crop fields. The original idea was to create a vast green area in town that should become a park to attract tourists and serve the following purposes: function as a gathering and recreation place for everybody; as a theme park (you will find 5-metre high gigantic figures especially aimed at children); and as a botanic garden, with labels to identify vegetal species that are located in a strategic way.

The project to build Francesc Macià Park has its starting point in 1998 and was carried out in two phases, which ended in 2007. The works were possible partly thanks to the training workshops that took place in Malgrat de Mar to promote job placement for young people in town. From its beginnings, the park has always brought the community together and fostered social cohesion.

The park has also contributed to the urban renewal of the districts of Castell and Verneda, along with the building of a community centre, the installation of a steep lift to get to the park and some other alterations that have improved the conditions and appearance of these neighbourhoods.


  • It is not allowed to bring any picnic tables nor chairs.
  • Pets are not allowed in the park and neither are bicycles. Parking space for bicycles is provided at the entrance.
  • Be respectful to others: do not go shirtless, control noise levels (loudspeakers or other amplified equipment are not allowed) and play and practise ball games only in delimited sports areas.
  • Do not remove plants nor walk on the grass. Please, help us protect this natural and leisure space. We all want to enjoy it.
  • All refuses shall be placed in designated containers or recycling points. Do your part to keep this gathering place clean.

Botanical Features

Francesc Macià Park has singular vegetation. You will find a big variety of species, most of them native from the Mediterranean forest, and all of them perfectly adapted in order to reduce to the minimum the consumption of water. The irrigation is totally sustainable since it is done with ground water.

The lawn consists of dense rustic grass that performs well under low maintenance: it has low water requirement, it is resistant to wear and high temperatures and prefers full sun.

The landscape project of Francesc Macià proposes a vast variety of plant species, from deciduous to evergreen trees, of different size and proportions; which creates a rich and attractive sight. Besides, it turns the park into a small botanic garden where you can relax, play and also learn about flora. We should not forget that the park was specially designed for the leisure and education of the young public.

In the park, we pursue waste reduction and promote organic waste reuse by composting the organic material we collect in our grounds.

How to get there

Francesc Macià Park is located on Avinguda Costa Brava s/n in Malgrat de Mar, close to the Medical Centre (CAP).


Once in Malgrat de Mar, come out of the station and follow the street in front of it (Carrer de Marià Cubí – Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer – de Nàpols – de la Riera), until you find a roundabout. On the left, you will find a medical centre and on the right, a car park, from where you will be able to access to Francesc Macià Park.


Take the national road N-II to get to Malgrat de Mar. If you are coming from Barcelona, enter the town and take Avinguda Costa Brava. Follow the road to the second roundabout. On the left, there is a car park from where you will be able to access to Francesc Macià Park. The car park has a time limit from Monday to Saturday and it is unlimited on Sundays.

Take the national road N-II to get to Malgrat de Mar. If you are coming from Girona, take the exit Malgrat Sud. You will get to a roundabout, take the third exit and follow Avinguda Costa Brava. At the next roundabout, you will find a car park on the left from where you will be able to access to Francesc Macià Park. The car park has a time limit from Monday to Saturday and it is unlimited on Sundays.

Sport Areas

There are courts, pitches and other kinds of equipment to play pétanque, volleyball, badminton, basketball, football, table tennis and a skatepark as well.

Divided by age range:

  • Play areas for children under 3. They are close to the picnic areas to make it easier for you to look after your children.
  • Play areas for children and teenagers from 3 to 14. Areas equipped with swings, slides, zip-lines and much more to spend hours playing and having fun.  
  • Play areas of auditory games for all ages. You will have the chance to enjoy a unique experience playing with your senses.


Equipped for hosting cultural shows.

Picnic and rest areas

Spacious family picnic and rest areas with recycling points for environmental education.

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