Conca Beach

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The beach for nature lovers

Conca Beach is the longest in Malgrat de Mar and reaches as far as the old coastguard quarters (now turned into a restaurant). It is the ideal beach for lovers of nature since it happens to be one of the few places where rural and agricultural areas meet the beach in the region of Barcelona. You will find a practically virgin beach, of low occupancy rate and only a few services for those who want to enjoy tranquillity. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy a protected area of dunes, where you will discover a landscape of great environmental value, mainly covered by psammophilous vegetation that blooms in spring.

Click to check the conditions of the beach today, the sea water quality and the flag indicating sea conditions.

Services and facilities
  • Entry and exit channel for boats and some space for landing boats on the sand, 250 m away from Plaça Xesco Boix.
  • An adapted toilet placed next to the first-aid station.
  • Showers and a beach wheelchair available for people with reduced mobility (this service operates while the lifeguard service is active) and walkways to facilitate access to the sea.
  • You can practice recreational fishing with rod, but during the bathing season (May 15 – September 15), from 7 pm to 8 am only. Please collect any objects and pieces that could harm other users of the beach.
  • Pets are not allowed on the beach from April 1 to October 31, except assistance dogs.
  • Local Police provides surveillance service at the beaches in Malgrat. Police officers ride bicycles to act quickly in case of emergency. This service is provided from June to September and reinforced throughout the day in peak times.
  • Topless is permitted and acceptable. For more information about nudist beaches, please check the info on Punta de la Tordera Beach.
  • Length: 1,700 m
  • Width: 90-120 m
  • Type of beach: open
  • Type of sand: coarse sediment
  • Occupancy rate: low
  • Microbiological quality of bathing water: excellent
  • Quality appearance of water: good
  • June 21.5 °C
  • July 23.5 °C
  • August 24°C
  • September 23 °C

Conca Beach has the charm of a secluded beach. It is the perfect place to enjoy peace and quiet. There is a space for landing boats and a sailing school where you can learn to sail.

It is also the favourite spot for lovers of kitesurfing because the wind conditions are usually appropriate for it. Check current regulations if you are practising any sports there.

Check out other activities on the Agenda.

By train: Facing the town and approximately 600 m to the left from the beginning of the beach, you will find the train station. From Malgrat de Mar you can reach Barcelona and its metropolitan area and/or else Girona and the French border. Trains run every 30 minutes to both directions. Click for timetables, stops and connections.

By bus: Several bus lines connect Malgrat de Mar with other cities and towns of Maresme and La Selva, as well as the cities and airports of Barcelona and Girona. These buses stop at Avinguda Costa Brava in Malgrat de Mar. Check timetables, routes and fares here.

Another bus connects Malgrat de Mar and the neighbouring towns of Santa Susanna and Palafolls. Check timetables, routes and fares here

In summer, there is a bus service connecting the town centre with the camping area that runs every 20 minutes.

By car: You can get to Conca Beach from:

  • AP-7 (exit 9 from France and exit 10 from Barcelona)
  • C-32 (exit 132 at Malgrat de Mar)
  • N-II (exit BV-6001). Take Avinguda Costa Brava. Follow the road until the fourth roundabout, take the first exit and at the next roundabout, take the third exit and follow the road. You will get to the heart of Conca Beach.

You can park all along Avinguda Pomereda and on the parking space in front of the restaurant Punta Riu Tordera. These spaces are free and not under surveillance.


Right next to the first-aid station, there is a 1.50 m wide concrete walkway, that provides easier access to the water for people with reduced mobility with the assistance, if they wish, of a beach wheelchair designed with special materials, and of the lifeguards.

Just next to the walkway, there is also an adapted shower and an umbrella attached to the floor with a reserved space. In addition, you will find an adapted changing room and also two reserved parking spaces.

Lifeguards and rescue service

The lifeguard service operates every day during July and August.

The service works from 10 am to 6 pm.

The first-aid station is located across Carretera de Mas Bages. You will also find a smaller first-aid post located opposite the Municipal Athletic Tracks, halfway between Plaça Xesco Boix and the main first-aid station.


Beach cleaning machines operate all year round at dawn. Manual cleaning is also performed daily during the summer season.

In summer the bins are emptied several times a day. Please, help to keep the beach area litter free. We all want to enjoy it!

Should you find the bins full, please place the garbage next to them, so it is not spread around. Use the recycling bins provided and do your part to keep this natural and leisure space clean.

Tips for a day at the beach

  • Your accommodation site will provide you with a bracelet for the safety of children. We recommend you to put it on them so in case they get lost, it will be easier to help them find you.
  • Tell your children to look for a policeman or a lifeguard in the event of getting lost. They will help them meet you. However, do not lose sight of them.
  • In summer, drink plenty of water or juice every 20 minutes to prevent dehydration.

At the beach

  • Follow the flags and signs and heed the warnings of policemen and lifeguards.
  • Do not eat too much if you want to have a bath. You could suffer hydrocution.
  • Swim near the shore, do no go beyond the limits of the bathing area and avoid swimming alone.
  • Do not sunbathe for too long, use a hat or a cap and sunglasses and put a t-shirt on if you are going to play in the sun for a long while.
  • Use sunscreen lotion, even on cloudy days, preferably of a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and be sure it is waterproof. Apply it again every two hours.