Castell Tower

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Local and National Cultural Heritage


Its history is linked to that of the Castle of Palafolls, on which depended this fortification placed on the waterfront. It is a watchtower dating from the 14th century (1285, according to the Libre de feyts d’armes de Catalunya, initially attributed to Bernat Boada, 1370-1444) and was probably surrounded by other venues built to defend Vilanova de Palafolls newly born town. Since it was close to the highroad, it might have been affected by the War of the Remences, a rebellion of peasants in the 15th century.

The place and probably the tower that remains served in the sixteenth century as a watchtower against pirates and in the seventeenth century they housed a coastal battery. In 1668 a cannon (perhaps the only one) is mentioned to be in the tower. On the cannon, Father Oller, priest of Malgrat, said that “for the defence of the city there was formerly a big piece, which is in the castle of Hostalrich, and shoots bullets, weighing 14 pounds […] I say it for its memory in case it can be recovered”.

During a French attack on July 22, 1696, it is known thanks to the memories of Francisco Gelat, that the castle suffered serious damage. In a letter from 1836, the commander-in-chief of Malgrat de Mar writes about an attack on the fortress by the Carlists on the night of November 16, and then another one on December 6.

The place continued to have strategic value for the following centuries and during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) a coastal battery and a machine gun nest were placed there. To the half-destroyed tower, the republicans added a tiled top provided with wide loopholes and also opened a hole to place the machine guns on the side facing the sea. They also built some shelters in front of the three semicircular walls where the artillery stood. Nowadays, you can only see the half-buried doorway of one. The rest remain buried just like the mid wall.

The castle tower is currently the only designated Cultural Asset of National Interest in Malgrat de Mar. The last time the site was worked on was in 2002 when Castell Park was remodelled and the tower was renovated: consolidation, improvement and accessibility works were carried out.


These are the remains of a small tower (5-6 meters wide, with walls 70 cm thick) located in a flat area of remarkable dimensions, from where you can enjoy a good view of the castles of Palafolls and Blanes. This tower is the only part that remains from a 14th-century fort-castle built with middle-sized rough stones mixed with pieces of tiles or lime mortar. Going by its size, it was probably part of a larger construction.