Beaches, Pla de Grau and Tordera Delta

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Route 1: Beaches, Pla de Grau and Tordera Delta

This walk will guide you to the agricultural area of our town, the area of dunes at Conca Beach and to the delta of Tordera river. This route has no complication but its length, as it has no slopes.

Why not follow this itinerary and enjoy a stroll next to the sea while you learn more about farming and agriculture in Malgrat de Mar? We also invite you to watch birds at Punta de la Tordera Beach, where you will find a watch tower, and to discover the psammophilous vegetation in the dunes at Conca Beach, exclusive to sandy habitats and particularly appreciated because it is a good indicator of environmental conservation.

One of the attractions of this route is the vitality and dynamism of its sites: marine and river currents modify the appearance of the Delta year after year, vegetation changes season after season and sea storms re-draw the coastline and contribute to diversity with new species, some of which were considered extinct from the area for decades. Walk it more than once and see by yourself the nature in motion.

Distance 11.50 km (7.15 miles)
Climb 13 m (42.7 feet)
Time 3 h
  • Wear suitable clothes and shoes for the route and the season.
  • Don’t forget to take water with you and wear a hat. It may be hot and sunny.
  • Check the weather forecast, it may be helpful.
  • Take your mobile phone to contact 112 in case of emergency.
  • It is better not to go alone; you will avoid lots of risks.
  • Don’t leave your litter in the forest, take it with you and drop it in the nearest bin.
  • Respect the pathways, signs and private properties.

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