Party with us

Malgrat de Mar has a very significant and active social and cultural life. Come and participate in a great variety of celebrations and activities organised during the whole year. Both lovers of arts or those of you who prefer traditional culture will find, within this wide range of possibilities, an ideal complement to your stay.


Throughout the year, Malgrat de Mar hosts a considerable number of fairs and street markets, which are definitely an attraction for many visitors and turn Malgrat into an active and lively town: craft fairs, tapas markets, fashion outlets and much more. Check for the calendar of events and more information in the Agenda. Come to stroll along our streets, browse and buy around the stalls and feel the festive atmosphere! 


Like anywhere else in Catalonia, in Malgrat we celebrate various festivals that reached us thanks to our ancestors, who passed them on to their children and them to their own. Today, these traditions are an essential part of our old deep-rooted heritage and are held on the same dates in most towns and cities to commemorate historical events or special days. Check the calendar and more information in the Agenda and enjoy culture and tradition with us!