Designation of Origin

Our traditional cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet, said to be a model for healthy eating. It results from the influence of the several peoples and cultures that have passed through our land during history. At present, the Mediterranean cuisine is characterised by the balance between the proportionally high consumption of cereals, fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, and the moderate or low consumption of dairy products, meat and wine.

Farming in Pla de Grau has evolved precisely thanks to the motivation, hard work and professional push that farmers show every day. They use organic and integrated farming techniques along with biodynamic agriculture, which results in produce of great value that real gourmets would appreciate and add to their shopping list.

Malgrat de Mar is close to two of the most important fishing ports of the area, the ports of Blanes and Arenys. Therefore, fresh fish gets to the kitchens of Malgrat de Mar quickly and can be served to you in restaurants every day.

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