In Christmas time we celebrate Cagatió. Tió is a magic log that children have fed for some weeks until the 24th, when we hit it with sticks singing a traditional song to get sweets and presents.

Sant Esteve

In Catalonia families join together to have lunch. We usually meet the half of the family with whom we didn't share the previous day.

Quinto de Nadal

Aquest any viu un Sant Esteve inoblidable i vine a jugar al Quinto de Nadal al Pavelló Poliesportiu de l’avinguda Tarragona!

New Year’s Eve

At New Year's Eve many families gather to start the New Year together. When the clock chimes twelve, everyone eats one grape per stroke.

L’home dels nassos

Game for children to find l'home dels nassos ('The Man of the Noses'). Some say he has as many noses as there are days in the year.