Jornades Gastronòmiques Malgrat


Gastronomic Journeys in Malgrat de Mar

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In Malgrat de Mar, different Gastronomic Days are organized to promote next and seasonal products, framed within the admired Mediterranean Diet, typical of the towns of the Barcelona Coast.

Parc Francesc Macià


Parks and Squares of Malgrat de Mar


In Malgrat de Mar, we have parks and squares that are elements of recreation and popular openings. The Francesc Macià Park, the Parc del Castell, the Can Campassol Park, the Church Square, the Xesco Boix Square, the Barretina Square, and Anselm Clavé are public treasures of the town of Malgrat.

Platja de la Punta de la Tordera


Malgrat de Mar for nature lovers

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Malgrat de Mar is a city closely linked to its natural spaces. She is lucky to have nature everywhere, at sea or in the mountains. If you are a nature lover, Malgrat de Mar will surprise you with all its landscape and vegetation proposals.

Cuina Mediterrània


Gastronomy in Malgrat de Mar

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The restaurants of Malgrat de Mar are in contact with the agricultural plains of the Degree Plan, which provide fresh ingredients from the typical garden of Mediterranean cuisine. Go ahead and see for yourself the proposal of Mediterranean cuisine offered in the restaurants of Malgrat de Mar.



The Catalan Traditions in Malgrat de Mar

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Catalan land is full of celebrations and traditions that Malgrat de Mar welcomes with satisfaction within its population.